Alphabet Songs!

Hi ya'll!
Tomorrow is the LAST day of school for me! I'm super excited... but also I'm really sad! Just thinking about my littles moving on up and leaving me makes me sad! OH and the fact that next year it's off to a blank slate again! Just after I got 'em all perfectly trained! ha!

One thing that I LOVE to use (especially at the beginning of the year when we are introducing letters) is Have Fun Teaching's Alphabet songs! At the end of every day I spend about 5-10 minutes singing these songs with my kids! They are seriously a lifesaver and they really are FUN to sing! (Check out the counting backwards from 10 and counting by 5's songs too - those are my kid's FAVE-orite songs!)

I love the language that the songs use - teaching consonants and vowels, each letter sound and tracing the letter in the air. They are so interactive and my kids love breakin' it down to these songs!

Oh, and my blogging friends - go check out Have Fun Teaching's giveaway! If you write a review about their (wonderful!) songs, you can get a free download of all the alphabet songs! I know this will be a lifesaver when the bandwidth is being s-l-o-w!!

P.S. Did you notice my new header?! What do you think? Better than the last one?! 


  1. LOOOOOOVE these songs!! And I'm so jealous of your last day! I still have 8 :(


    Jessica Stanford
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  2. Thanks for your most amazing blog post! Your blog is SO MUCH FUN!!! Teachers and parents, be sure to check out the Alphabet Videos by Have Fun Teaching! Your kids will have fun learning the Alphabet and Phonics and you will have fun teaching!

  3. I keep hearing about these & I can't wait to use them as a review for the beginning of the school year next year! :)

    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  4. The new header is awesome!! Thanks for the great videos!! Have a fun last day!!

  5. Thanks for sharing these! I will be doing a review of these songs soon!!

  6. My class LOVES these videos! The header is adorable!

    Jen's Kinder Kids

  7. These videos are so fun! I had never heard of them, but will be making note to use them next year. I love the new header...can you tell us what program you use to make your headers?? :)

  8. It is sooo funny that you are spreading the word about the Alphabet Songs from Have fun Teaching Me. I did what I needed to do and now I have a set of the Alphabet Songs. All I need now to transfer them to DVD so that I can play them in my Pre-K classroom. As we are changing our Pre-K program again, I want to add the songs as part of our curriculum...I am so excited to use them. The kids will go home singing the tunes!!!

  9. This song is really nice. I am also having a nice collection of alphabet songs. But this one is truly the most beautiful one. Thanks for sharing it.
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