Summmmmer fever ALERT!

We've been busy this week starting review and beginning SUMMER themed goodness!! Oh, how I love summer! *sigh* {stick with me...this is a long but good one!}
We've been learning all about the Fourth of July - we made this anchor chart today and did a little writing. We brainstormed the white labels together and on the sticky notes they drew about how their family celebrates the 4th (barbecues, parades, fireworks, fun!) Last Friday we made streamers and had a mini-parade {see previous post for picture!}
I wanted this to be more fun - writing about freedom is a teensy bit over their heads - so we wrote about America's birthday and how we like to celebrate it!

After talking about all the FUN things we do in summer we used my little Sweet Shop Decomposing packet to practice in intervention. They loved this!
We also made some super cute composing/decomposing numbers booklets today in Math - I'm working on a freebie to go with it so I'll wait to post it later! Stay tuned for fabulousness!

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