New classroom!!

It's my first official day of summer! woot woot!
I sat down last night while my hubby was out with some friends and reorganized all of my pin boards!! When I started Pinterest last summer I only dedicated one to school - my pins were getting out of control and I couldn't find anything when I went looking for it!!
Ya'll.... it seriously took me 2 hours to repin everything onto a new board! It was SO worth it, though! Now next year when I'm looking for ideas they're easy to find! :)

I've been going through all of my organization/decoration ideas like crazy and trying to prioritize what I can get done over the summer! I moved into a new class yesterday (yes... goodbye room 300 - it's kind of a joke at our school; it's that room that no one wants lol). Take a look at some of my pins - I'll for sure be posting some new projects soon - can't wait!
{click on the pic to take you to this board}
OH and check out my new link buttons to the right - thanks Jessica for the tutorial!!

And to leave you with a teeensy look at what a BIG MESS I left to clean and organize...
 To my defense... it was pretty full when I moved IN to it... I just stacked all my stuff on top :)
I forgot to take a picture of my empty classroom - I will get one the next time I go up to school!
 This just made me smile! :)


  1. Oh, girl! That mess is C-R-A-Z-Y!!! But YAY for summer break (8 more days for us Western Michigan gals). I LOVE dreaming up my plans for the next year during the summer!

  2. Whew! Good luck with organizing. :) My shelves & cabinets look much of the same lol. I've been trying to reorganize my pins too, because I did the same thing as you did & didn't have enough boards. It's still a work in progress. Enjoy the start of summer!!

    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  3. At least your pin boards are organized =) I left a mess in my closet too. I'm sure I'll regret it come July 30!

    Kinder Kraziness


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