Measuring with names!

Hi friends!

We had a crazy week this always seems to be that way this time of the year, am I right?! We're getting MAJOR Spring fever (and by we, I am definitely included in that statement) in my class.  Two. more. weeks. I. can. do. it!

We started measurement this week in my class. My kids have LOVED doing this- so many fun activities to do! First we had a hopping race and measured with yarn how long each of us could jump. The crowd cheered when I jumped farther than them all! haha! (you may not know this, but I am the clumsiest least athletic person alive. It was a feat, y'all, to be able to jump further than these kids!)

The next day we read Chrysanthemum and measured our names in linking cubes. Thank goodness no one in my class has a longer name than Chrysanthemum! I EVEN let them write with a dry erase marker on the cubes. I know! What a thrill!
 We compared with partners several times. I had the longer name stand, shorter name stand, and equal names stand one at a time. I have a LOT of kids in my class with 5 letters in their name. Who knew?!

Then, we had to walk around and find a partner that had an equal amount of linking cubes in their stacks. I only had one little girl that did not have a partner- we just made up a name that would be 4 letters to match with her!
 I made up this little worksheet to go along with the activity: Snag it up if you'd like. My kids had a ball doing this activity! {click on the picture}

I've also finished up my St. Patrick's Day packet! woohoo! Here are a few little sample pages from the pack. Click HERE to take a look! Leave me a comment with your email address and I will pick 2 people to win this packet tomorrow at 10 pm! Congrats #43 Megan and #18 Susan! Random Number generator helped me out! ;)
I hope your week is fabulous!


Hall Pass!

I'm linking up with my sweet blogging buddy Reagan for a Hall Pass Linky!
Do hall passes gross anyone else out?! I can't stand the thought of all the germs and snot and gunk on them... *shudder. Just like my Smart Board grosses me out... I don't go a day without cleaning the sucker! You can see the smudges of who knows what on that puppy! 

This Hall Pass is all about fun, though! Every teacher needs a break, right?!


 My favorite product of mine is my Kindergarten Comprehension packs. My kids LOVE these and their fluency and comprehension has improved from using them on a regular basis! Plus, it is a super easy assessment!


My teacher table is my favorite place to be! I love teaching mini lessons, doing guided reading with my kids, and getting to work with them on a one-on-one basis! Love this area of my room (I need to take some new pictures, geesh!)


I LOVE Whole Brain Teaching. I don't do it completely, but I use lots of bits and pieces of it! I looooove me some "Claaaaassssss. Oh classssss" "Yessssss. Oh yessssssss" "Hands and Eyes!" When my kids show me hands and eyes they have to put their hands on their head. This discourages all those little wandering hands when I'm giving directions. Those scissors (crayons/glue/play doh/whatever). are. just. too. tempting. Mrs. Alderson!!


I LOVE reading and taking baths! Just ask the hubs! Long day at work= Mommy gets some time in the tub with a book. Who doesn't love a good book?

So head on over to Reagan's blog and check out everyone else's Hall Passes! 

Valentines Party!

We had the BEST Valentine's party yesterday!
We did 5 minute stations and then ate at the end- this is the first time I've tried stations during a party. I usually just have one activity that everyone does together. I'm not going to lie, I had anxiety all day yesterday that it wasn't going to work out or it would take too long and then we wouldn't have time to eat and kids would be crying, etc.. lol! It all worked out, though!
Here are the 4 stations we did:
{ummm...The cherub chains and heart stacks signs should be switched- it had been a long day when I took these pictures! lol}
 {heart prints with toilet paper rolls- idea from HERE}
{cherub chains- idea from HERE}
{cupid's arrow- idea from HERE}

Somehow I didn't manage to get a picture of the heart stacks- you get the idea, though- just stack conversations hearts into the tallest stack you can make! Fine motor skills at its best!

We also made these ADORABLE bags from Vickie.
To snag the signs (I paperclipped them to my table signs for the party) click on the picture- freebie! Put it in your file for next year :)

I hope you Valentine's Day was great, too! The hubs made me a sweet video of pictures of us together- he's a sweetie :)

All you need is Love giveaway!

Some of my best blogging buddies and I are teaming up for a little giveaway. We are all giving away something different so if you visit all the blogs and enter all the giveaways, you will  increase your chances to win something great!!

I'm giving away my Kindergarten Comprehension Bundled Pack!

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Now hop on over to all of my besties blogs to enter a chance to win their products!

Community Helpers!

We're finishing up our Community Helpers unit this week- we've been doing a whole lot of random the past few weeks.. a little bit of community helpers, a little bit of Valentine's day, and then our 100th day! I have a few blog-worthy pictures for ya!
{freebie scrambled CVC words from Melissa Freshwater}
{greater than/less than activity from Miss Kindergarten's Valentine's pack- LOVE!}
{ten frames q-tip painting freebie from Kindergarten Smorgasboard}

I just finished up a Community Helpers pack that I'll be working from this week along with all the Valentine's activities we can squish in! :) Click on over to TpT to snag it up half off today only!

 There are 5 Reading and 5 Math stations ready for you to keep your kids engaged during your community helpers unit!

Happy Wednesday!

Hi y'all!
Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday tends to be one of my favorite days of the week...
1) Wind suit  Wednesday! Do y'all have that?! We get to wear our school wind suits every Wednesday! I don't have to think about what to wear and it's comfy and our school colors are black and red (which I happen to love!)
2) Mondays and Wednesdays are the most likely days that my BFF teammate and I carpool to work. Our kids go to the same daycare so it only makes sense, right?! Then we get some mommy time just to chat and talk for 10 minutes on our way before work. Love!
3) I usually have everything all sorted out (at least for the rest of the week! ha!) after school so I feel like I can leave right after school if I want.

Yesterday was our 100th day and it was fabulous! I wish I had taken a bunch of great pictures to share with you but I was right in the thick of it so all I could snap was a few candid shots of my kids working. I CAN tell you that I used Gladys's FABULOUS 100th Day Unit and my kids adored every second of it! We were SO busy that we had to finish up some fun activities today (shhhh don't tell ;)

So I had all the intentions in the world of working on a Valentine's themed pack, but I have been so busy lately! Have I mentioned that we're selling our house?!  ;) And THIS is what it looks like now:
{mind you... we're organizing... you've got to make more of a mess before it gets clean, right?!}

Soooooo I started working on the pack.. and this is all that I ended up with. A freebie for you!

 There are 6 different Bingo cards and 16 different CVC words for your students to practice!
Head on over to my TpT store to snag up this freebie! 
And because I love that Ella is beginning to read.. here's a little video of her playing the game!
I hope your Wednesday was fabulous, too!


Teachers Pay Teachers is having a BIG sale tomorrow, have you loaded your cart yet?! Mine is ready with some fabulous products! My store will be on sale tomorrow and Monday and TpT will give you and extra 10% off tomorrow with the code "super"
{fabulous button by BFB Ashley Hughes!}

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