Arctic Addition

I'm popping in really quick today to share this fun little addition freebie with you! I've been working really hard to incorporate more game-type stations in math this year- especially activities that can be used for more than just one week!

We've been using my teen numbers stack games a lot lately so I though I would make an addition game with similar rules! Easy peasy and we can practice different skills using the same game! We are studying Arctic animals and all things winter this month so I made this Arctic themed! Perfect for January!

There are addition problems up to 10 on the cards. Students can play in pairs or 3. Each student should have 10 linking cubes. One student will choose a card, solve the problem, and then put their linking cube on the answer. Their partner will do the same thing. If the answer has already been covered, the opposing player has the choice to "bump" the player off. If the number covered is theirs, they can stack another one on top. Once 2 cubes are stacked, that spot is locked so that it cannot be bumped!
Click HERE to snag this freebie up on Teachers Pay Teachers!


  1. This is SO cute! We are ready to start our measurement unit, but I also want to keep spiraling in all the skills we've learned. This game will be a fun way to do this! Thanks :) Jen

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