Preventing the Summer Slide

Summer is here!
    The time that we all treasure...being able to sleep in a little bit, leisurely eating your lunch, and going to the restroom whenever you need! Ahhhhh....precious summer!
    Sometimes my summer isn't so leisurely - I've got a 6 and 9 year old at home and, let's be honest, I feel like I spend half of my time refereeing their fights. You guys know what I'm talking about! They love each other, but...they are definitely siblings! ;)
    After our first week at home of unstructured, do-what-you-want summer my kids were driving me bananas! The second week, we implemented chores/homework that my kids have to do before getting any screen time/ going to the pool in the afternoon.
    I had a few leftover scraps from a chalkboard that I had cut down last summer and these work perfectly for the chore list. You could use a whiteboard, too. I wrote "TO DO" on one side of the clothespins and "DONE" on the other side so it's visual for us to see.
We're a month into summer now, and Luke's reading has continued to grow, and Ella is practicing skills every day to keep her from losing too much of what she gained this past year. I wouldn't have it any other way! :D

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