More apples!

Hi guys!

We have been having a lot of apple fun in my classroom this week and last!  Last week we tasted apples and wrote about our experiences. This week we've been learning about changes in matter from heating and cooling. We melted crayons with a hair dryer and then we cooked applesauce! YUM! It was more like baked apple sauce with the amount of brown sugar and cinnamon I put in!

We've been talking about our 5 senses the past few weeks and incorporated a lot of the senses into our taste-testing! I used these flap books from Alisha's awesome apple packet! My kids had to browse through magazines and find pictures for each one of these senses. We put these in our interactive notebooks. Love!
 We are still working on the seasonal changes in apple trees- one season at a time! {you know how slowly everything goes this time of the year in kinder!} These fabulous wheels are also from Alisha's packet. Thanks girl!!
 And lastly- I couldn't leave math out! I was blog-hopping the other day and came across this fabulous decomposing activity from Deeanna at the Golden Gang Kindergarten! We've been busting our hineys on decomposing the past few weeks and PTL my littles are getting it!! We watched  this video from Harry Kindergarten and said the poem all together. As each apple fell off we moved a bead over on the pipe cleaner and I paused the song. We talked about the parts- "there are 3 apples on the ground and 2 apples on the tree." {like I said- I am so proud of them!}

After going through the poem twice, we worked on writing and reading the parts whole group. 
Grab this page HERE.


Apple bottom jeans

I can't talk about apples without that song popping into my head!

with the boots with the fur... 

We've been studying apples and everything-that-you-can-do-with apples the past week in my class. It's been a blast! 

In Science we've been learning about properties and taking a lot of observations- just like scientists do. I brought in real-life apples to the classroom and we observed while thinking about our five senses. Tomorrow we're going to sort the cards into properties (color, texture, mass, etc.) and lead into heating and cooling with some cooking on Friday!

In ELAR this morning we taste- tested yellow, green, and red apples and made sentences using our sight words. We read Amelia Bedelia's First Apple Pie last week and a lot of my kids have developed a love for Granny Smith!
I couldn't just leave Math out of the fun.. we've reallllllly been working hard on decomposing 1-5 and we are FINALLY getting it!!! **and the crowd goes wild!** 
 And my kids went nuts-o over this game today! They spin the spinner, count the apples and place that many linking cubes on the five frame. Nothing like simple, right?!

I should be back with some more apple fun at the end of this week! Hope you have a fabulous Wednesday!


Interactive nouns!

Now that we've been through two weeks of school I'm back on the blogging train!
Cara posted this ecard on her facebook page and MAN is that exactly how I feel! 

It's so easy to just block the first few weeks of school out of your mind! You have one set all trained and they finish your words and know exactly what to expect then BAM! a new group comes in. I love my new kinders to pieces already though. They really are a great group!

While I would love to post all about the first few weeks..I was so busy managing those littles that I didn't take one single picture. Not one!

So, I'm picking up where we are now. I'm introducing Writer's Workshop next week, so we've been working on our "seeds of writing" {where we get ideas to write about} This week we learned all about nouns! I read this book {Brian P. Cleary is one of my FAVES!}
A Mink, a Fink, a Skating Rink: What Is a Noun?
 and we learned this song:
  Each day we brainstormed specific nouns- we went through people, places, and things a day at a time and added to our anchor charts {this is my writing center- I will more than likely leave these charts up all year to use for writing ideas}
Then, we added to our interactive notebook! I'm excited about our notebooks this year! I've done a poetry/ alphabet  and then a science/ social studies notebook the past few years but this year we're doing one big Kindergarten notebook! It's going to be great!

I love how meaningful these notebooks are going to be and such a great resource to look back on! I will definitely be posting more about our notebooks this year.

If you'd like to snag up this page, click the picture below!
{clipart by Melonheadz and DJ Inkers and font by Cara Carroll}

I hope you can use this page in your classroom too!
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