Hi y'all!

I'm so stinkin' close to the end I can allllmost taste it! My DVD's are burnt, the class party is behind us, now we only have 2 half days left! It's SO nice to not have to move rooms this year... all I have to do is shove it in the closet! Thank goodness! 

Because I'm a procrastinator.. I just got to work on Ella and Luke's teacher's gifts. There are 6 of them, so I wanted to do something nice without having to break the bank.I searched on Pinterest and found these cutie patootie cups but the link is broken! Booooo. So, I whipped some little labels up for myself

I got the cups from JoAnn's fabric (use their 40% off coupon on one and the 15% off teacher coupon and they're pretty inexpensive!) and I plan on adding Starbucks gift cards into the cups, too.

Click HERE to snag up the teacher tags for yourself!click HERE for volunteer tags and HERE for teammate tags!
{thank you Kimberly Geswein fonts!}

I hope you're as close as I am to the end (or finished already?!) Have a fabulous Thursday!

Worm weeeeeeeeek!

Whew! May is always crazy busy!
I've allllllmost made it through! Yesterday was Ella's {first ever!} dance recital...and while it is amazing and awesome to see her up on stage it was 6 hours of watching girls perform and running around backstage like crazy! There were 2 performances so it was an all day event. I'm exhausted! Thank goodness it's only once a year!

Now... on to worm week! My absolute favorite thing to teach all year long! Read my post about it last year.  It is so fun and engaging and who doesn't love to investigate  real live worms?! (It's always the boys who are squirmy about it! LOL!)

After doing everything from last year's post, we made the cutie patootie little worm glyphs. I *love* this time of year in Kinder- the kids can read, they're independent and you can actually let them loose for a while to work on projects! I set this up in a station this week and let my kids have at it.
{Here are my examples}
After they all created their little worms, we went to work looking at data from our glyphs. We completed the "find a friend" sheets in my glyph packet.
If you're interested in this glyph- I have a little mini-pack that goes along with "Diary of a Worm" (we're reading it next week). Check it out HERE.

Have a fabulous week!

Rowdy fonts!

Happy Sunday y'all!
I'm dropping in really quick to share with you a few freebie fonts I just put up on TpT. I have jury duty tomorrow {womp womp...} and have got to finish getting ready for the week! My FAVORITE week of school is coming up- worm week!! 9 more days! 

Click on the picture to head on over and snag them up!
As always, I would love to hear what you think!

5 {for Friday}

So.. I think I'm going to join Teeny on her "Fraturday" posts... because Friday nights are busy and I can't ever seem to actually link up on a Friday! Last night I was at a dance moms meeting for recital- the season is coming up!! This is going to be Ella's first recital {expect lots of pictures, y'all!} and she's so excited! I love it because I was a dancer growing up, too. So fun!

Here are my 5 randoms! 
We went to Chipotle on Teacher Appreciation Day. LOVE Chipotle!

Who needs white boards to write on? #guidedreadinglessons

Sweet Mother's Day card! I should have shared it earlier! oops!

We're *almost* finished up with our poetry notebooks!! I can't wait to share once they're completed!

Fun Friday stations! Only the kids who completed their work all week in stations get to do the fun basket! This week was water coloring sight words!

Teacher Appreciation!

Hey y'all!
I started off my morning with some yummy breakfast pizza{bacon and green chile! mmm} thanks to our fabulous administrators! It was a great way to start a Monday morning!

I'm still working on Ella and Luke's teachers' gifts. I made these cute little light boxes last year- and I *think* that we're going to make another set for their teachers this year. They were a big hit, so I need to head on over to Hobby Lobby to pick some of the glass blocks up. {eh hem.. excuse the craft paint and wrappers in the background! sheesh!}
I'm so grateful for all the wonderful teachers I've had in my life- so many of them helped to mold me into what I am now!
As a way to show gratitude to all you fabulous teachers out there I'm throwing a sale in my Teachers Pay Teachers store beginning tomorrow through Wednesday.
thanks Hadar for the button!
All of the products in my store will be 20% off on Tuesday, May 7th and Wednesday, May 8th. Make sure you use the coupon code TAD13 at check out to save an extra 10% off your whole purchase {thank you TpT!}

I just revamped my Super Summer Stations packet to include a little more updated look and a few more activities!
take a look!

I hope you get all stocked up for the rest of the year and maybe get a head start on next year! I know I've already moved things over from my wishlist into my cart! Check out some of my fabulous friends' sales, too!



Ok, Ok... not THAT kind of fantasy! Y'all I went through a bajillion Ryan Gosling memes looking for just the right one. My favorite one said "Hey girl... I would love to spend  New Year's Eve writing your students' names on popsicle sticks" LOL! but I didn't like the picture, so this one will have to suffice. The truth is... I'm too OCD to let anyone else write anything for me! 

Speaking of.. we made a fantasy anchor chart this week. We've been focusing on fantasy texts and writing this week. SO much fun for my super creative kids! My kids helped me to come up with the pictures- we thought about texts that we have read over the year that definitely could NOT happen. We had recently read "The Fisherman and His Wife" hence the funny looking "magic" fish (this is what my kids think a magic fish should look like- top hat and all!)

To begin this week, we read "If the Dinosaurs came back" by Bernard Most
We took some ideas from the book and put them into an organizer..
 And did a little writing...
"Dinosaurs could eat the grass. You would not have to use a lawn mower, they could eat the grass."

I'm excited to have my kids write their own fantasy stories next week!

Kindergarten sorts!

Hi y'all!
I can't believe I just reached 1500 followers on my lil 'ol blog!! 
I just finished up a new packet that I'm REALLY excited about- it's really more for the beginning of the year, but it can last you all throughout the year!
There are over 70 different sorts including: letter knowledge, rhyming words, beginning sounds (all 26 letters) medial and ending sounds, syllables, and real v. silly sorts.

I tried them out on Ella and she adored them!
You can use a pocket chart like this one or there are sorting mats included. 
{click on any of the images to see it on TpT}

In honor of 1500 followers, I'm giving away 3 items of your choice from my TpT store! Enter using the rafflecopter below!

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