Measurement: area edition

Hey guys!
We've been busy studying area this week in math. I *love* teaching measurement because it is so hands-on and leaves a lot of opportunities for higher thinking. It takes a kid's natural curiosity and encourages it! 

Most of the ideas that I used this week came from Kindergarten Kindergarten. She has some SERIOUSLY fabulous ideas and she's in Texas, too! :) 

I made this (semi) anchor chart to pose the problem to my students:
This problem causes a LOT of discussion and really gets their little minds thinking. We share with our partner and I write their thinking down on the chart.

Then, I begin by giving my kids baggies of shape tiles. We trace the border with our fingers and emphasize "border" and then touch the "surface area". I always use this opportunity to do "mirror with words" and give my kids the definition with motions. 
 {click the picture to snag the anchor chart}

In the baggie, I have several like-shapes that are various sizes. I ask the kids how I could be able to find which one has the larger area. We discuss, they practice, and then we teach a partner which shape has more/less area and justify their answer.
Then, I give my students some "real life" manipulatives. Easiest thing, ever! I place the book bins in the middle of their tables and let them choose which ones to compare. This leaves room for a LOT of discussion and academic vocabulary!
Tomorrow we will begin exploring measuring area with nonstandard units. Stay tuned for more to come!


hands-on length activities!

We started a new unit in math this week on length. I *love* teaching measurement- it's so much fun and interactive and the kids always get into it too!

In kindergarten we focus on nonstandard and comparative measurement. We watched this fabulous "Sid Science Kid" clip about measurement and then put the ideas to practice!
I had a student lay on the carpet and we talked about lining up the edges of our "unit" without leaving spaces. The black towers of cubes are laid down so that my volunteer would know where she needed to line up her feet next. Then, as kids always are- they were curious about how many cubes our carpet was long. They could have gone on ALL day measuring with them!
The next day I had my students work with their table groups to compare pieces of string. Each child had a piece of yarn. The brown yarn was the piece that we compared against. We are really working on using language such as "longer than" and "shorter than" and being able to justify our answers. 
I found this fabulous page from Maria at Kinder-Craze and my kids practiced independently using it. It was a hit! I love how simple it is and it's a quick check for understanding.
Hopefully I will be back to you this weekend with the rest of our week in Math!      


Straight up! March edition

Hey y'all!

It is a beautiful 75* and sunny here today {never mind the wind...we never escape it in west TX!}
I'm SO ready for spring... how about you?! I know so many of you are under FEET of snow. I can't imagine. I'm a warm-weather gal myself. I would be happy if it was 85 all the time! 

So, the warm weather got me motivated to finish up my Straight Up {Standards for March!} pack. Here's a little peek:
 Don't think I would leave you without a little freebie page from this pack! 
Click the picture below to snag the ten frames page!
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Valentine's Day Freebie!

I just posted some fun {free!} Math games up on TpT! 
These games were also inspired by the Dollar Store table scatter that I picked up a while back. I just love them!! They come in a set of 50, so for $2 you can have more than enough for a few groups to play at a time. And if you don't have them? You can always use what you have on hand!

This game works on your student's building sets and comparing sets skills. 
{who doesn't always need more practice?!}
 This game focuses on using a number line for addition, subtraction, or both. There are options for all 3 and you can choose to only use 1-10 or 1-20.
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I hope you have a great week! I hear that Friday is a full moon! :D


Dollar Store Find!

So, I looked up and Valentine's Day is NEXT week!! ahhhh!!!
I was at Dollar Tree a few weeks ago and completely filled my basket with fun manipulatives and materials that I could use for V-Day.

I made up a little freebie that you can use with the little foam sticker-hearts.
 I just used note cards to stick the stickers to and made different combinations to 10. 
{we're currently focusing on addition and subtraction to 10} I have them sorted by big/ small but you could always do colors, too!
Grab this freebie page HERE
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Beautiful blog giveaway!


Have you noticed the new digs?! Megan at A Bird in Hand Designs designed me the most beautiful blog!! I'm absolutely in love! Even though I designed my old was time to see it go. I started blogging almost 2 years ago and I haven't changed it once since then! I was overdue for a makeover :)

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Super Bowl Sale!

I woke up this morning to this:
It was a nice surprise! Except...I was procrastinating all my weekend errands yesterday and now it's going to be a pain to get out! lol!

Maybe I will just hibernate by the fire?!

We were planning on having a Super Bowl party...but 4 out of the 7 people that were coming came down with a nasty stomach bug! We're trying to avoid any more stomach germs if at all possible! So, tonight I'll be watching those commercials all snuggled by the fire.

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