Interactive nouns!

 Hi y'all!
I'm popping in really quick during this crazy-busy week! We're closing on our house on Thursday and have a LOT to do between now and then. 

I wanted to share with you what we're going to be working on in writing this week. We're big on nouns in kindergarten. This is the foundation which we build our sentences on. We refer to our anchor charts as writing inspiration all the time.Now that my kiddos are pretty comfortable with them, we've introduced singular and plural nouns {and the sight word "a"} to build grammatically correct sentences. It's hard work!!

We did a smart board lesson on singular/ plural first- I don't have that to share because of clip art copyright, but it was super easy- they had to pick a noun and then create that same noun in it's plural form. We watched THIS little clip about "building a word" from Word World and then we did this activity as an interactive writing activity using THIS worksheet. 

This week we will be adding THIS page to our interactive notebooks. We are going to sort the singular and plural nouns and then write the words on the popsicle sticks. I know they're going to have a blast! Snag the freebie pages up and let me know if you like them!
I hope your week is a little less stressful than mine! ;)



In math this week we've been studying shapes. Most of my kids come in able to identify the 4 basic shapes so we go a little more into depth than just recognition.Our new Texas standards require us to use formal academic vocabulary such as "vertices" and "sides" rather than just sorting the shapes by attributes as it had in prior years. Keeping up with the Core?! Who knows? 

So...we began our week making some anchor charts. They ended up being ugly...sooooo I didn't take pictures ;) We went on a shape hunt around the classroom and I took pictures of the shapes we found. We revisited this the next day once I had printed out the pictures. They LOVE finding environmental shapes. We were spotting them everywhere after this activity!

We used popsicle sticks and play-doh to make each shape and emphasized the vertices and sides of each one. They LOVED making these! I made some {freebie!} play-doh mats to go along with this so I can put it in a math tub this next week.
Then we added these flip books from Fran Kramer {freebie!} into our interactive notebooks.
Then we made these cutie-patootie shape scarecrows that my teammate (Hi Stephanie!) has been making for years. They are all die-cut shapes that I'm sure your school has! {1 triangle, 1 square, 1 oval, 2 fat rectangles and 2 skinny rectangles, then 4 small strips cut for the feet and hands} SO easy! I can't wait to put them all in the fall scene outside our doors!
What fun things do you do with shapes?!


Fabulous Fall!

It's nice and overcast here today. The perfect fall day! 
There's just something about this time of year.
It's really making me want to bust out the Christmas music. 

I posted a new fall themed packet up on TpT today! I have a Halloween packet that I always use, but I know some of your schools may prohibit "Halloween" activities so I put together a little more friendly fall themed pack!
The good news?! TpT just reached 100,000 likes on FB and they're throwing a site-wide sale!! I joined in on the fun and put my entire store on sale also! Click on the button below to visit my store!


Zero the Hero

Today was our 30th day of school! I can hardly believe we've made it through a whole six weeks together. The beginning is always so's nice for it to slow down a little bit!


You know how we've been living in the apartment for the last 5 months?! It's nearing an end! PTL! I can't say it enough...apartment living is no joke! We are NOT cut out for it! We miss our swing set and the big back yard and our neighbors to play with...

We are closing on the new casa on Halloween if everything goes through without a hitch. We can't wait! If you follow me on Instagram, I posted a pic over there!

Back to Zero... does Zero come and visit your classroom every ten days?! My kids LOVE him! My teammate has a cute Zero the Hero puppet that we pass back and forth. I need to invest in one- do you have any suggestions where I can snag one up?

So today was day 30..our first "10" we made into Zero himself. Then on 20 we were studying apples and made apples out of the 20. We are beginning a unit on fall so we (can you guess it?!) made a fall tree out of "30" to add to our interactive notebooks.
{ignore those huge gobs of glue. Progress, people. We're taking baby steps!}

What fun activities do you do for Zero?!

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