Color by code

Hey guys- Just dropping in to share with you a little sight word color by code page I made for my kiddos to use with a sub. Ella's pretty sick with a bladder infection- prayers would be greatly appreciated!
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Broken eggs!

Hi friends!

I had a fun- filled morning with Ella on her FIRST field trip! It's big news, y'all. Every morning this week she would wake up and say "Is the bus today?!" No..3 more days, Ella. So, this morning when she woke up and it was field trip day.. well, my usually slow-to-wake-up child popped right up and got ready quickly!

It's fun to be on the other side of this field trip thing. Field trips are usually so stressful and you're counting heads so many times that you lose count and have to remind yourself to count and count again, and "no, "C" don't put your hand near the pig's mouth", or "leave that popcorn on the trail alone."

So it was nice to be able to take pictures and enjoy Ella's excitement about the bus. She would've been happy if they just took the bus around the loop I'm pretty sure! 
Such sweet friends!

Soo... I left my class with not one, but TWO subs today! Oops! Somehow something in the system was wonky and two subs showed up for the job. I guess that's better than none, though!

We're going to be doing some fun Easter- themed stations next week! I didn't ever get around to making some myself, so my BBBF's {Bestest blogging buddy friends} have got my back!


AND! I have a freebie for you!

Hope your day was fabulous! Tomorrow's FRIDAY!

Your lucky day!

It's almost the last day of my spring break, and I have enjoyed every last minute of it! 
I've been pretending that we're not moving in three weeks and I don't have to pack.
 It's a good place to be.
I finished up my Data Tracking packet that I shared with you over the week. Are you as excited as me?! {click the cover to check it out on TpT}

I'm linking up with some blogging buddies for a St. Patrick's Day sale!
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We're throwing a little St. Patrick's sale- 20% off at our stores! Head on over to my store then hop over to Megan's blog to check out all the other great bloggers throwing sales in their shops! 
I was going down memory lane a little bit and found this picture of the hubs and I on 
St. Patrick's Day 6 years ago.. last year of college! We look like babies!

Day 5!

Hi friends!
It's been a busy day! We're squishing in all the last minute things we didn't get to do all week into one day! ;) We went to lunch with my parents, one of my friends came over to visit, and then we went to the park with another one of our sweet friends and their little twin boys! SO much fun! 

This is also the last day of my data tracking freebies! I hope you snagged up the graphs yesterday! Today I have some "goals" sheets- that is what we call them in my district. We have GOALS meetings at the very beginning of the year- we have to conference with every last parent and go over what our expectations are for the year. It's time consuming for sure but great to get to know all the parents and learn a little bit more about the kids.

So, this is what I used {similar} to give to the parents along with general information about our goals for the year. Parents are always shocked to hear that we expect them to read 20! words per minute by then end of the year. And they do! 

These sheets would also be great to lead student conferences and to have students fill out themselves for the next month/quarter/six weeks/ etc.. as you go!
 {click HERE to snag them up! Tomorrow they will be in my packet for sale on TpT!}



I bring to you this regularly scheduled blog post from the beauty of my back yard...
This, my dear friends, is what I call PERFECT weather! Not too hot, not too cold. Juuuuuuust right- and it's actually not windy! (which is an anomaly this time of the year in Lubbock) Just be jealous! Soon enough it will be too hot to bear even walking outside! And all of you who haven't had break yet, I will be jealous of you in a few weeks when you're off! ;)

I have the BEST part of my packet for you today- tomorrow will be the last segment, so don't forget to come back for it! Today... the data graphs! Swoon... I love me some data. Well, at the end of the year. Data at the beginning is not so pretty. BUT you have to keep up with it to look back and say "Hey! SOMEthing is actually getting through their thick skulls!" 

{click on the cover to snag it up today only!}
On a side note... I posted a bunch of new fonts for sale on TpT- go snag them up quick! They're on sale today and tomorrow only for $3.00! {click the cover to check them out!}

Day 3!

Hi friends!
Here's my Day 3 freebie... covers {in 5 different styles} for "data tracking folders". I promise you will get to see the insides of the folders soon ;) Only 2 more days left before I'm finished!

{click on the picture below to snag them up!}

Day 2!

Hi friends!
Quick post today- we're off to the Science Spectrum- it's cold and windy here today, so no park trips! {although here is an undeniably adorable picture of little Luker yesterday at the park- isn't he the CUTEST?!}
Here's the second part of my freebie pack celebrating 1 year blogging!
There are 11 award certificates that will go along with the data tracking graphs later this week! {Are you as excited as me about these?!} You could also use them for awards at the end of the year!
{click the picture to download}
 Don't forget to check back tomorrow for more! :)

One year!?!

I can hardly believe it! One year ago today I was writing up my first post. I had been an avid blog reader for a year or so by the time I decided to leap in head first! The past year has been a wonderful journey and I SO look forward to the years ahead of me!

I have a special treat for you, my fabulous followers! I am working on a data tracking packet to start off the new year with next year. Right now I have various graphs and charts and checklists that I use throughout the year, and my goal for next year is to keep it a lot more organized! Every day this week I will be putting up a new part of the packet. I will replace the one from the day before, so you'll have to act fast! {each piece will only be up about 24 hopefully those of you that follow by email won't have a problem snagging it up!}
For today, I have some sight word flash cards for you! Click on the picture to snag them up! I hope you enjoy!

It's your Lucky Day!

Hi friends!
I'm part of a fabulous St. Patrick's day blog hop hosted by Cindy from Granny Goes to School!
We're all teaming up to offer you some fabulous freebies- just hop along to snag each one up! Follow our blogs as you hop along and you can enter to win a Target gift card over at Cindy's blog!
I made up two new fonts to share with you- St. Patrick's inspired! 
{click on each picture to take you to the download}
 And since we've been focusing on measuring lately I whipped up this little measuring worksheet!
{click on the picture to snag it up!}
 Now hop on over to Lisa's blog  to snag up your next freebie!
Growing Firsties



Y'all... Spring Break can NOT come any faster! I have been so exhausted lately!
On a bright note... our house is under contract!! Woot woot! It is under a contingency that the buyers' house closes all like it is supposed to. God willing, though, we are going to be moving out of our house in a month. 
eeeek! Stress central!

Plus, this was our first house. Ella was only 6 months when we bought it and Luke was born into it. We've made wonderful neighbor friends {Ella's BFF lives across the alley from us} and we've just accomplished a lot in the time we've been here. Bittersweet for sure.

Then.. we went to look at apartments. See, we live in a college town. There are TONS of apartments. But the average age of people living in them is, like,  20. There are 2 apartment complexes that are on our side of town. 2! Everything else is sketchy. Maybe I'm spoiled. Nonetheless, it might be an trying interesting 6 months. {hopefully it's not too much longer!}

Ok, off of my saga. We've been doing Dr. Seuss activities all this week. {am I allowed to say that?! Are the DS police going to come hunt me down for copyright?! Maybe I will speak in code for the rest of this post ;)} And my kids have been eating. it. up! We love some DS in Kindergarten!

We read "Bartholomew and the Oobleck" over the past 3 days in class. My kids could've read it in one sitting they were so enthralled with it, but I was trying to drag it out to maximize the learning! We made predictions about the oobleck. We weren't quite sure what in the world oobleck was, and how it felt! Most of my kids went with "squishy, gooey, or sticky" on their post-its.
After reading the book, we made oobleck {1 cup-ish cornstarch to 1 1/2 cups-ish water plus a few drops of green food coloring} and we got to experience it first hand. My kids LOVED this. (with shouty capitals!) Is it a liquid? A solid? Is it icky? Does it move by itself?! We had SO many questions about it!
 After experiencing the oobleck, we brainstormed adjectives to describe the oobleck and what we learned about it. For times sake, I ended up writing our learning down myself as we discussed.  {blue sticky notes}
We also read "There's a Wocket in my Pocket". I foresee myself reading this several times over the rest of the year. Nothing gets a kindergartener giggling like nonsense words! Nothing!
We all chose an object in the classroom to make a silly rhyming word with. We brainstormed, and I wrote them down so we could have correct spelling. I promise, parents, I know there is no such thing as a flowendar! {click HERE to snag up the free writing sheet}
 "There's a wook on my book"
"There's a flowendar on my calendar"

We also made little pockets and used our imaginations to illustrate a wocket- or a zocket, or a trocket, or a nocket. You get the picture! ;)

How do you know we've have a good week? The mess! ha! Hope the rest of your week is great!

Five for Friday and Countdown freebie!

Hi friends!
I'm finally linking up for Doodle Bugs Teaching's Five for Friday linky! I've wanted to every Friday for a while... I've just been crazy busy! 

1.Every Friday we add the little guys to our poetry notebooks! It's one of my favorite things to do all week and the journals will be a great keepsake for them for years!

2. Reading with my kiddos in the library on Fridays... every other day we do small group at teacher table. This is an all time fave in my class! So proud of this little guy and his growth this year!!

3. My kiddos playing DeeDee Wills' Sequence ending sounds game. I am in LOVE with these games and my kids just can't get enough! They LOVE to block their opponents and don't even realize they're working as they play!
 4. It had been a long day... and I really needed some chocolate, so I found this mug cake recipe and whipped it up last night! Delish! {plus the caramel syrup I drenched it with was a bonus}
 5. I have a new freebie up! One of my sweet teaching friends {Hi Alana!!} asked if I could make her some countdown pages for holidays we have in school. Of course! Love the idea! Click here to download the freebie. Most school holidays are included!
 I hope your Friday was fabulous and the rest of the weekend is, too! Now I'm off to clean the house... we've got a showing at 2:30!
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