Gingerbread fun!

Hi friends!
I'm hopping in really quick to share with you a few little pages we used this week with The Gingerbread Man. We did a LOT of fun activities..but I have been off my game this week...there's a stomach bug that seems to be going around and it has slowly been working on my family... I'll just say there has been plenty of Lysol spraying this week!

We have been comparing Gingerbread stories and working on text to text connections. My kiddos are getting SO good with this but The Gingerbread Man just really lends itself to text to text connections! We started the week by making a chart. There are several on Pinterest and I have no idea where the original idea came from. It took us all week to fill up this baby! Are your kids as mesmerized by watching you draw as mine?  (do not look at that coyote!! It's hideous! lol!!)
We compared several stories and evaluated which story was the best (my kids are partial to The Jalapeno's a Texas version and my book is signed by the author ;)
After reading several versions, I had my kids create their OWN Gingerbread story. This idea totally goes to my teammate (shout out D'Andra!!) I didn't worry about my kids writing too much with these, we shared our stories orally and it is SO much fun to hear them share! I had one little boy who really got into it and told a very elaborate story about his gingerbread man going into a cave but he didn't have a flashlight so the gingerbread man got away. So creative! 

I like this one- She baked the gingerbread man, her friends in our classroom were chasing him and I was the one who tricked the gingerbread man and ate him!
Click on the page below or HERE to snag up the freebie pages from me!
I hope you have a great week!

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