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I am a 28 year old wife, mommy, and teacher in Texas and couldn't imagine spending my days any other way!

This is my husband, Josh. We have been married for 4 wonderful years. We went to high school together (we were in the same classroom as 9/11 was happening) and were great friends for 4 years before we ever started dating in college. He is my rock and is so supportive of me and my endeavors!

                                                                              {Josh and I at his brother's wedding}

We have 2 awesome amazing little darlings! They are the lights of our world!
{Ella is 4 and Luke is 2}

I know, you can't handle the cuteness, can you?! ;)))

I'm so glad you have stopped by my blog!
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  1. Love the font your blog is written in ~ what is it? Thanks!

  2. Thank you so much for this blog! I'm going back to work after spending the past year at home with my son and I'm so nervous! This blog is totally easing my mind! Thank YOU!!!!!!!!!

  3. It is so great to get to know you! I have been stalking you for a long time now. You are so talented. Thanks for sharing your time and your talents!

    Terri Izatt

  4. Just curious what school you teach at in Lubbock? (saw that on your tpt store. I'm really not a creepy stalker!) I grew up in Lubbock, graduated from Tech and taught my first 3 years in Kindergarten there. 1 year at Tubbs, 2 at Stubbs. Fun to find a fellow Lubbockite Kindergarten teacher!

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  6. I sure love your fonts.....how do you have time to do all this with those adorable babies? Laura


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